Elliot Voris

St. Louis, MO, U.S.A · elliot@voris.me · elliotfriend.com

Diving down the rabbit holes, hoping to find a more equitable world.


Stellar Quest Community Manager

Stellar Development Foundation

Work as a core member of a team dedicated to making outstanding, accessible, and exciting resources for developers and users to begin or continue their blockchain education.

Moderate, support, and encourage users of all skill levels in the Stellar Quest discord server, providing timely and complete answers to user questions, feedback, and comments.

Develop and implement code versions of all Stellar Quest levels, enabling developers to learn the Stellar blockchain as well as the JavaScript SDK in a streamlined, purpose-built set of courses.

Research and produce extensive documentation, READMEs, guides, and video explainers related to Stellar, Soroban, Rust, and RPC for “Stellar Quest Learn,” “Stellar Quest Live,” “Soroban Quest,” and “Fast, Cheap, and 0ut 0f Control.”

Assist primary copy-writers in adapting existing Stellar Quest Live challenges into Stellar Quest Learn courses.

Develop and implement live, editable code snippets to be embedded alongside existing documentation, providing a “no-setup playground” environment for developers to use as they learn and experiment.

January 2022 - Present

Student Minister

Wildwood Christian Church

Improved staff effectiveness by curating workflows and tools for both on-premise and remote work and collaboration.

Increased congregation accessibility by spearheading the development and implementation of necessary hardware and software to reliably provide simultaneous in-person and remote worship services.

Obtained cost-savings on phone services of 95% by provisioning an IP Telephony server, hosted in Google's cloud.

Personally met and connected with students, parents, and volunteers to drive conversations, relationships, and life transformation through Jesus.

Oversaw vision-casting, training, and leading of volunteer team. Stewarded and directed volunteer resources to meet relational and discipleship needs of students.

Planned and executed weekly programming for Sunday mornings and evenings.

Led teams of staff and volunteers to create and execute big events and trips.

Oversaw annual calendar and budget for Middle and High School ministries.

Exercised preaching skills in adult Sunday morning services 5-6 times yearly.

January 2015 - June 2021

Director of Information Technology

St. Louis Christian College

Acted as the primary source of technical support for staff, faculty, and students.

Evaluated network infrastructure. Created and executed strategic plan for improved quality, availability, and accessibility of technology resources.

Increased service reliability and deployment speed by implementing a simple and effective virtualization strategy.

Reduced costs and administrative burdens by provisioning an on-premise IP Telephony server, utilizing free software.

Oversaw student and part-time workers, providing needed training and coaching.

August 2010 - May 2015

Meat Clerk

Schnucks, Inc.

Kept shelves stocked with fresh products, while keeping displays neat and accessible.

Worked with customers to help find and choose the products they need and service special requests.

Ensured the highest levels of customer satisfaction using great selection, a high-energy approach, and a focus on service.

November 2009 - August 2010

Programming Assistant

First Christian Church; Florissant, MO

Worked closely with leadership to develop impacting programming for students.

Spearheaded creative, video-based elements for worship services.

Led a team to plan and carry out VBS programming for Middle School students.

August 2009 - August 2011

Preaching Ministry Intern

First Christian Church; Brazil, IN

Worked in various church ministries, using preaching and teaching skills.

Assisted in developing long-term plans for preaching ministry.

Started and led young adult Bible study, meeting regularly throughout summer.

May 2009 - August 2009

Youth Ministry Intern

Gateway Christian Church

Assisted in planning, development, and execution of youth programming.

Made creative elements to enhance and support programming and vision.

Served as Interim Youth Pastor and helped bridge gap between full-time staff.

May 2007 - May 2009

Children's Ministry Intern

First Christian Church; Phoenix, AZ

Assisted the planning and oversight of Sunday services for 1st through 6th grade students.

Planned and taught Wednesday night discipleship program for 5th and 6th grade students.

January 2007 - May 2007

Engineering Intern

Honeywell, Inc.

Created fault-tolerant 3D models of jet engine components for engineers to perform simulated tests with.

Worked with the Tool Design department to ensure fast production and delivery of tools, jigs, and other parts to be used in other parts of the factory.

May 2005 - August 2006


St. Louis Christian College

Bachelor of Arts, Bible and Preaching Ministry
Ministry Advancement Program
Served as Small Group Leader for 3 years
Servant's Heart Award, Compass Guild (Spring 2011)

GPA: 3.515

August 2007 - May 2011

Southwestern College

Attended, Epmhasis on Youth Ministry
Servant Leader Scholarship Program

Participation in Theatre Productions

August 2006 - May 2007

Thunderbird High School

High School Diploma
3 Years NJROTC, Ordnance Officer and Armed Drill Team Commander

SkillsUSA Engineering Internship

August 2002 - May 2006

Software Projects

Silly Side Quests

  • Created a set of blockchain puzzles demonstrating different use-cases and behaviors of the Stellar network.
  • Covered concepts such as hash(x) signers, liquidity pools, muxed accounts, and more.

Stellar Quest Badge Checker

  • Created a simple web application to display a user's (legitimately) earned NFT badges from Stellar Quest.
  • Included a customizable badge filter, image export, and verification token for users to share and prove their claim.
  • Integrated Albedo sign-in to ensure tokens are only generated after users prove ownership of the Stellar account.

Stellar Popes

  • NFTs designed using portraits of popes throughout history, astrophotography, and neural network style transfers.

Stellar SEP-0010 Client

  • A JavaScript implementation of the client-side of the Stellar SEP-0010 protocol.
  • Paying special attention to understanding the client_domain and other lesser-used options available to the protocol.

APOD Leap Year

  • A simple Chrome extension to allow skipping forward or backward by month or year on NASA's APOD website

Stellar Quest Python Helpers

  • A small Python library that can be used as an SDK wrapper to complete common SQ tasks within scripts.

Discord Helper Bot

  • Contributed to this community effort for the Stellar Quest Discord server.
  • Use Discord "Slash Commands" to offer people helpful advice.

Fibonacci Faucet

  • Simple proof-of-concept I put together to learn more about the Stellar Turrets network.
  • The contract adds the previous two payouts together and sends the user the amount that's next in the Fibonacci Sequence.

Is Kate Right?

  • A very simple magic-8-ball website about a friend who loves to debate.
  • This site will tell the user whether or not Kate is right about a given topic.

Submerge STL

  • An event web page for an annual conference my college held.
  • Implemented speaker bios, schedule information, registration through Eventbrite, and an AJAX contact form.

SLCC Website

  • Implemented a brand-new, Drupal-based website for the college where I was working.
  • Important features were staff-editability, permissioned content reviews, use of free software, and easily-available hosting.
  • Note: The college website has again been redesigned since I left my employment there.

Sci-Fi Mad Libs

  • A silly mad lib website written in JS, that has not nearly enough short stories to mad libify.

YNAB Linux Install

  • A community script I contributed to that helped users of Linux install a personal budget software (YNAB) on their computers using WINE.
  • Special consideration was needed to correctly integrate Dropbox with the WINE executables.



Certifications & Awards

  • Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certification - Coursera
  • Responsive Web Design Certification - freeCodeCamp
  • JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Certification - freeCodeCamp
  • Front-End Development Libraries Certification - freeCodeCamp
  • Back-End Development and APIs Certification - freeCodeCamp
  • Data Visualization Certification - freeCodeCamp
  • Quality Assurance Certification - freeCodeCamp
  • Servant's Heart Award - SLCC 2011
  • The Compass Guild - SLCC 2011
  • Bravo Award - Honeywell, Inc. 2006
  • 11th Place - National SkillsUSA Technical Drafting Competition 2006
  • 1st Place - Arizona SkillsUSA Technical Drafting Competition 2006
  • Paul Award - Revolution Student Ministry 2006
  • National Honor Society - Thunderbird High School 2003
  • Disabled American Veterans Badge - Thunderbird NJROTC 2005
  • Military Order of the Purple Heart Leadership Award - Thunderbird NJROTC 2003