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Who Wants to Move to Kansas?

Anyone else excited about Google Fiber?

When I saw the news yesterday, I was a bit heartbroken at first. I was a bit jealous that Saint Louis didn’t get picked (yet). More than that, I was so upset that I immediately (while the press conference was still happening) jumped on Kansas City’s Craigslist to look for jobs. Granted, that probably won’t actually be happening, the sentiment was still there. I wish I could have a front row seat to this amazing technology that Google is rolling out. I suppose that a second row seat from STL will have to do for now.This is one of those defining moments in history. Life in Kansas City is about to become entirely different. Consumers will have access to 1Gbps internet speeds for the first time ever. In the history of the internet, people will remember Larry Roberts, Robert Taylor, Leonard Kleinrock, IPv4, and Kansas City. Things have already come so far since that first ARPANET between UCLA and Stanford. I can’t wait to see where they go from here.Schools will be different. Business will be different. Recreation, healthcare, family, research, the list goes on. Mark my words; from here on out, the way you deal with the internet is going to change.I know what I would do with an internet speed almost (i.e. up to) 350 times faster than the 3Mbps I (sometimes) get, but most of KC probably doesn’t. I could download my Linux Distributions and stream Netflix (in HD) at the same time!! I eagerly await the day that this technology comes to me. I will be as high up on that list as possible.Will you adopt Google Fiber if it becomes available to you? Is Google going to become (more of) an internet monopolizing machine? What benefits or disadvantages do you see from Google Fiber?Comments welcome!

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