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The Times, They are a-Changing…

BIG GIANT EXCITING EXHILARATING NEWS!!As of today (yesterday, technically), I have eagerly accepted the position of IT Supervisor at my school, St. Louis Christian College. It appears that the stars must have aligned in my favor this week. For, just four days ago, I had a conversation with my very close friend, J.C. Sandt, about how much I hated my job. We actually made a deal of epic proportions: by the end of the semester we would both be employed in a rewarding job. I had no idea that things would move so swiftly. So, with my two weeks handed in at Schnucks, and with much dread and hope, I excitedly begin to branch into this new adventure.I say dread because there is much work to be done. There are routers to be reset; Ethernet switches to be tested; Passwords to find; Printers to fix; Web pages to design; As well as a whole host of other things that I haven’t even figured out yet. I have much work ahead, much trial and error, and (hopefully) much success. This new job will surely prove to be challenging, but it will no doubt be extremely rewarding.That’s why the element of hope is there, as well. I’m so eager to learn and “get my hands dirty.” I know that I’ll be applying many band-aids to the current system that is in need of repair, but in doing so I will gain so much hands-on knowledge about what Information Technology is all about. There is so much promise for what this year will hold for me.The good news in all this is that I’m entering into this with a crew. I’m not alone on this journey. I’ve got three MAP students that I will be working with. I know that they’re going to learn a lot through this, and I’m sure I’ll learn a lot from working with them.My God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, is a God of providence. At a point that I was looking for a fulfilling job (ideally, in the IT sector, no less), He was working hard. It amazes me so much how the LORD always comes through. He is faithful, and works all things for the good of those who love him, and are called according to His will. I’ve seen an incredible example this week of God’s workings, and I know I’ll only see more as time goes on. Praise be to God!

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